Introduction to Lure – the choice of Lure equipment (one)

Topic 1: how to combine pole, wheel, line and bait?

There are many problems that need to be paid attention to. The so-called indefinite fishing method is that novices are most likely to have a logic of thinking, that is, they plan to buy only a set of equipment combination that can take into account most fish species and situations downward. Many novices around me, including myself, will choose some universal poles and wheels when contacting Luya at the beginning. The number of lines is often very large, but the number of grams of bait is very small, which will cause a lot of confusion.

Example: when Xiaoming first contacted Luya, he was afraid that his Luya pole was not hard enough to buy. He thought that in case of medium and large fish, the pole’s bearing capacity was not enough, leading to being pulled off by the big fish. In order to conquer the big fish, Xiaoming chose the harder pole and line 3, so that even the king of freshwater, Jiyu, could be conquered by himself. At the same time, in order to give consideration to the smaller fish, Xiaoming We choose a small number of quasi baits. When Xiaoming got this set of equipment and came to the river, he found that the throwing distance of the baits was not ideal, the weight of the baits was small, the hardness of the rod was hard, and the fish information feedback of the rod was not clear enough when the line was closed. A series of questions puzzled Xiaoming. Did he buy the wrong equipment?

There is only one reason why the above problems occur, that is, there is a problem in the combination of equipment, and there is more than one problem. First of all, we should make it clear that big fish are not very common. Many people have been fishing for more than ten years and have never met big fish of rice level. Second, what is fishing about? Small rod and small thread walking big fish, especially big fish, is to walk, we need to use skills to walk the fish without strength. In general, it is not recommended to pull and fly the fish violently, especially big fish. Third, the reasonable combination of pole, wheel, line and lure can give full play to the best efficiency of the equipment, throw the ideal distance and experience the fun of Luya.

In view of the above problems, here are some suggestions:

  1. Determine your target fish according to your water resources.
  2. Determine the hardness and other data of the rod according to the environment and species.
  3. Select the type and number of the line according to the general size and pull force of the fish species.
  4. Select the type and data of wheel according to the matching of pole and line. (new suggested spinning wheel)
  5. Select the type and weight of baits according to the equipment.
Introduction to Lure - the choice of Lure equipment (one) 2

Topic 2: how to determine the target fish based on water resources?

This question, almost no one can give you a completely accurate answer, but you can baidu ah. Take myself for example. When I first contacted Luya, I didn’t know whether there were any target fish in the nearby river. But I knew the name of the river. I searched for the river name + fish species name in Baidu. For example, Tianjin Haihe + qiaozui, and a large row of related web pages would appear. After browsing, I could know whether there was any kind of fish in the river. Of course, there are some nameless rivers in many places. If you can’t find them, you can only identify them by yourself or ask about them through nearby fishermen or residents.

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