Introduction to Lure: is Lure suitable for me

As the name implies, this article is written for novices, or friends who have never played Luya. Before we started to join the Luya movement, let us first think about a problem. The Luya movement is actually a fishing method. Is there a fish first? Yes, yes, there must be fish first. This problem is actually the resource problem we usually talk about.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the friends in the South. The southern region is rich in water resources and rich in fish species. It has a natural advantage for the Luya movement. Then friends in the north should not feel depressed. The north also has a lot of fish resources. . Specifically, I will introduce one by one in the following articles. This article is an introductory article. We will introduce the topic of getting started first. Around this topic, I have chosen several topics to give some advice to novice friends.

Introduction to Lure: is Lure suitable for me 2

The first topic: Is there any lure a water resources near the location?

This problem is not complicated. Please don’t rush to buy Luya equipment first. Yes, first figure out one thing. There is no river, river, lake or sea near your place of residence. Of course, fish ponds are also available. Because when you start lure movement, you may be eager to throw water at the water every day, even if you can’t catch fish, you will not be tired. If your place of residence is too far from the fishing spot, if the distance is more than 50 kilometers (or even 30 kilometers), then the sport may become very difficult, because more than a certain distance, it is necessary to arrange more adequately. Time, while most people are often not so much free.

Believe me, lure Movement is a sport that can be accompanied for a long time and can continue to bring you fun. This is not a one-off event. Therefore, before starting lure, please confirm the surrounding resources. Of course, if some friends can overcome the long-distance difficulties and stick to this hobby and exercise, then I will also give a thumbs up, sincerely say to you: Admire!

The second topic: What kind of water resources does lure need?

The lure fishing method is a technique that uses a bait to imitate a weak animal to attract fish to attack. First of all, we must understand that this sport does not apply to all fish, and some fish are naturally timid and not fierce, such as squid. A fish pond, if there is only squid in it, then it is not suitable for the Lure movement. Of course, it can also be used to practice throwing.

Regardless of whether you have fished before, believe me, you are not fully aware of the fish species in the river. Some fishing friends have been fishing for more than ten years. They have not played except Lure fishing. Other fishing methods have been played. One time, he still may not know if there is a Lure object fish in the water. Generally, large rivers and lakes, more or less there will be Lure target fish, and even some small mud ponds filled with water, there will be black fish survival, the mountain stream, there will be Xige and Makou, but the common saying dead water There is no way to Luya.

Introduction to Lure: is Lure suitable for me 3

The third topic: What are the Lure target fish?

There are many kinds of common Lure target fish. There are Makou, Xige, Qingqing, Red, Blackfish (Salmon), Squid, Squid, Squat, Luofei, Pike, Squid, etc. These are the more popular fish species, and some unpopular fish can also be caught by special road Asian techniques, such as meals (white bars), grass carp, and squid. There are too many fish in the sea, and there are common sea otters, groupers, stone dogs, caps, tuna, octopus, swordfish, ghost knives, GT and so on.

Speaking of Lure target fish, there are actually many fish resources in our country. However, with the excessive exploitation of natural resources by human beings, many places have become scarce, and some even take some illegal measures, such as: Fish, fish, medicine fish, etc. In recent years, China has increased control. I believe that the water environment will be improved in the future, and our road life will become better. Congratulations when you have this kind of Lure fish in the waters near your place of residence, you can start joining the sport.

The fourth topic: Is lure suitable for me?

In addition to yourself, no one can replace you in this question. In my Lure process, there is often a scene. I have a squatting scorpion that is more than 50 cm. The fishermen I see nearby often come over and watch. Some A fisherman who looks older will be amazed: “What fish is this? Is there such a big fish in the river? How did you catch it?” It is not uncommon for such species to be common, because the popular target fish of Lure fishing is often large and difficult to catch using traditional fishing methods.

Then when you ask people who don’t understand Lure fishing, the answers you get are often also answered. Maybe you will ask a veteran of traditional fishing methods: “Is there a cock in the river?” Of course he will not hesitate to tell you, no, I have been fishing for ten years and have never encountered it. But obviously this is not necessarily the correct answer, so learn to judge.

Introduction to Lure: is Lure suitable for me 4

The fifth topic: It is important to choose equipment and fishing groups based on resources.

I believe that when I see this, most people have been able to judge whether Lure is suitable for themselves. When you have made up your mind and decided to invest in the Luya movement, don’t rush to buy equipment, because you are likely because The road to the Lure movement is not comprehensive enough, and detours, spending money to buy equipment that is not suitable for them, which is very deadly for novices.

It is very important to choose equipment and fishing groups according to fish resources. Take my own example. When I first started playing Luya, I bought a 1.98-meter ML-toned straight-handled scorpion. After playing for a while, I found out that I was The place needs a farther throwing distance to have a good effect, then it means that the donkey is short. Some friends like to play in the mountain stream fishing. Everyone has a lot of trees on the mountain. A long raft that is suitable for far throwing is impossible to display under the tree. All these are too numerous to give a lot of advice to many newcomers, to understand more comprehensive, and then to purchase equipment.

Is Lure suitable for me? This problem, I can only think of these topics at present, by experience, unless you live in arid and water-free areas, or where you live away from the main river, usually, there will be fishing for Luya fishing point. As for the choice of equipment, I will gradually introduce it in the following articles. I hope that my friends can use my suggestions to know what kind of equipment is more suitable for them.

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