Introduction to Lure——The matching choice of Lure equipment (Three)

Topic 5: How to choose Lure’s wheels?

There are many types of wheels designed by Luya Sports, usually spinning wheels, waterdrop wheels, drum wheels, jog wheels, electric pay wheels, etc. In general, Luya people will choose more advantageous equipment according to different scenes. However, for novice Luya, it is recommended to choose a spinning wheel to get started. Of course, if you are confident in yourself, you can also choose a water drop wheel.

Why is it recommended that novices use spinning wheels? This is based on the advantages of spinning wheels. It is easy to use, easy to use and not prone to errors. It hardly blows the thread. It is not easy to break. of. As with the selection of other equipment, it is necessary to correctly select the model of the spinning wheel based on the data of the spinning wheel according to the size of the fish, the thickness of the thread, the hardness of the rod, and the throwing distance. It is recommended that economic conditions allow, Choose wheels that are not too low in price, and some shopping websites often have dozens of dollars. I dare not use them. In general, when buying spinning wheels, you can consult the seller’s suggestions, tell them your Luya target fish, and the distance you need to throw, the number of the line, the size of the bait, and the customer service will recommend you a spinning wheel that suits you. The higher the quality of the wheel, the better the performance, of course. Choose it according to your own economic strength.

Introduction to Lure——The matching choice of Lure equipment (Three) 2

Topic 6: How to choose a pseudo-bait?

Luya’s pseudo-bait, there are many types and different choices according to different fishing groups, veterans need not say, if novices get started, it is recommended to choose sequins as an initial exercise to use.

Why it is recommended to choose sequins, because sequins are more versatile and versatile, almost all fish can use sequins to fish, and the price is low, the wind resistance is low, and the throwing property is good.

Gram selection: This should be selected according to the type of the target fish, rod, wheel, and line. The hardness of the rod is usually the focus. There is data about bait weight in the detailed data of the rod. You can choose the weight of the lure target fish.

For other types of bait, novices recommend using some surface bait. I will focus on this part in the article about bait. I suggest that novices can choose bait such as wave party, floating water mino, etc. As the name suggests, Floating water means floating on the water, which can reduce the loss of hanging bottom, and can give novice friends a better experience in the early stage.

Introduction to Lure——The matching choice of Lure equipment (Three) 3

Topic 7: Should the choice of equipment be general or exclusive?

It is difficult to have an accurate answer in this part. When I first contacted Luya, I chose general-purpose equipment, that is, equipment that can take care of many environments and fish species. In the process of use, many places are not satisfactory. , Because when you want to throw distance, this equipment can not achieve better results, when you want sensitivity, you can not get, want hardness, it is not enough. One after another is to re-purchase more special-purpose equipment, so combining my own experience, if given me a chance to re-select, I will be in the next step if conditions permit, and will not think about a set of equipment and fishing Try your best to find the best fish in the world, and then choose the target fish species and environment first, then come to a set of special equipment, play this one, and then consider the others.

Generally speaking, the quality brought by higher-priced equipment will also improve accordingly. For example, the weight and feel of a road pole is an important indicator. Usually, it is more expensive and lighter. Of course, the feel is better, and the better wheel brings The throwing distance is also correspondingly longer. How to choose depends on the economic strength of the fisherman. It is not recommended to start with the top equipment at the beginning, but try to choose special equipment so that the price is more affordable and the effect is better. When you reach a certain level, you will naturally have a deeper understanding of the equipment. At that time, it is too late to buy better equipment.

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