Introduction to Lure——The matching choice of Lure bait

There is a classification for everything. To elaborate, there are many methods of fishing. Lure fishing is also one of them. Subdividing it, according to the fishing group and bait, there are many types. Let’s introduce the common Lua pseudobait types and suggestions for the novice entry.

Topic 1: What kind of pseudo-bait should a novice begin with?

This is an eternal topic. Any sport will have new friends to join at every stage. Then the friends who just joined will face this problem, starting from scratch. This topic is actually a similar topic in the introduction of my previous articles. How should I choose?

Select according to resources, all types of bait and fishing methods have target fish, and your resources often determine your first choice, there is such a river not far from home, what fish in this river, What kind of equipment and bait to choose is, in my opinion, the most sensible choice. The reason is very simple. When you are close, you can play when you are free. You must know that at the beginning, the skills of throwing and bait operation require frequent practice. No matter novice or veteran, few people dare to say that they have mastered All the methods of bait operation can only be more skilled in the operation of certain types of bait, which is precisely because there are target fish resources near the place of residence.

Introduction to Lure——The matching choice of Lure bait 2

Topic 2: What brand of bait should I buy?

This topic has also appeared frequently in other articles before. Most businesses are praising and expressing how good the artificial bait they produce. According to my experience, according to the target fish species, choose the type of artificial bait. To a certain extent, it exceeds the choice of the brand, because fish and humans have different senses. Fish is not as sharp as people, especially at night, and you ca n’t even see what your bait looks like, but it will still attack the Bait, can you say that quasi-bait pose and appearance determine everything? Although everything cannot be determined, the differences still exist. To be honest, the technology and technology of some high-end brands do exceed crude imitations. This is like a medicine. Almost all costs are spent on research and development. The cost used in production is very low. The materials used in some imitations are indeed as cheap as corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, which is often reflected in the appearance of the surface is more prone to rust and oxidation, which makes it easier for the bait to become no longer reflective and beautiful. Dry goods: When it comes to the selection of surface bait and floating bait, try to buy some, because this kind of bait is hardly consumed, or the consumption rate is very low, and it can be used for a long time. For the selection of some low-level bait, it is recommended that novices try to choose the cheapest one, because at first they do not master the operation method, and the consumption of the low-level bait will be very large, and it is not uncommon to lose dozens of them a day. Having said so much, here it is still recommended to use genuine pseudo-bait if economic conditions permit.

Introduction to Lure——The matching choice of Lure bait 3

Topic 3: What are the necessary types of bait for Lure?

Some pseudo-baits are indeed more versatile in use. This title should be well-deserved. Many Luya fishermen I know, including myself, are the first Luya objects in life caught with sequins. Fish, in many cases, sequins will be one of the bait I carry with me. The combination of the lead hook and the soft bait tends to be outstanding on the lure of most bottom target fish. The price is low and the operation is simple. The bottom hanging probability is almost the lowest among most bottom bait. The surface bait is very easy to use in most calm and calm seas, with low consumption rate, simple operation and easy to use. The above three types of artificial bait are usually carried by me and are also my necessary artificial bait. Of course, it is a smart person’s practice to choose different necessary artificial bait according to the different resources of each person. , Flexible matching is king.

Introduction to Lure——The matching choice of Lure bait 4

Topic 4: Do you want to change bait without catching fish?

This is not a common discussion topic, but I still want to emphasize to novice friends here. In the beginning stage, you should try to avoid frequent replacement of bait. Luya is a sport, not a means of survival. If you want to Relying on fishing to make a living and plan to get more catches every day to support your livelihood, then most of the time it is recommended not to use the Lua fishing method, because this fishing method is really difficult to do. The reason why this is a sport is because Luya takes a standing position throughout the fishing process, and constantly throws and manipulates bait. This sport enjoys waiting for fish in the process of throwing a lot of rods and collecting bait. The fun of children’s hooks, and the happiness accumulated in this process will burst out in the moment of Zhongyu, believe me, it is very cool.

Any kind of pseudo-bait is very fun after you are proficient and proficient. In the case of target fish with punctuation, the rate of medium fish will not be low, so that most of the time, without fish, it is not Because the bait was selected incorrectly, but the target fish did not intend to eat at this punctuation point, or your operation method was wrong. Generally speaking, in this case, changing the bait does not effectively increase the medium fish rate.

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