Introduction to Lure: selection of Lure equipment (Two)

Topic 3: how to choose Lure pole according to Lure target fish?

When you confirm that your water resources produce a certain kind of sub object fish, you need to know about the relevant information about this kind of fish first. Very simply, you can learn about it through Baidu, or through the introduction of fish species on my website. In China, the most common target fish of Luya is topmouth culter. I will introduce this part with the topmouth as an example. Generally, the weight of the topmouth is about 2kg. Remember this value, which will be used when choosing the main line later. In order to understand the living habits of the topmouth, such as season, temperature, water layer, etc., we can roughly judge your bait need to be thrown according to your water resources How far is the distance to reach the position of cocking mouth. Generally, the width of a large river is about 70-150 meters. Generally speaking, if you can throw bait to the center of the river, it’s enough. The distance is about 40-60 meters, so you need to choose a road sub pole that can throw bait to the distance. Novice to reach this distance, it can only be achieved through casting practice. Believe me, buying a slightly longer pole can increase your casting distance. If it’s about 2kg of cocked mouth, the hardness of L or ml is enough. Generally, in the product introduction of Lure rod, the applicable fish species will be marked. Please pay attention to whether the different hardness and tonality data are applicable to your Lure object fish.

Of course, if the resources near you are streams or not wide rivers, the length of the rod you need should be shortened correspondingly. At the same time, the hardness should also be as soft as possible. A softer rod can make you get a clearer fish information when you have a smaller fish species in Lure .

Introduction to Lure: selection of Lure equipment (Two) 2

Topic 4: how to choose and match the Fishing line group?

Believe me, the choice of line is as important as pole. Don’t take it for granted that pole or wheel is the most important thing in Luya’s equipment. Believe me, it is very important. All, every one, is important.

Road sub line group is usually divided into main line and front line, both of which are required. The main line is tied to the wheel to play the main role, and the front line is connected with the main line through GT junction, which is also very important. Why there is a main line? We need to make the front wire. Because the main line used by Luya is PE line, which has many advantages. It is suitable to be used as the main line of Luya. I won’t go to Baidu for more details. Although PE line has many advantages, it has one disadvantage: when PE line is nodular, the tensile strength will be greatly reduced, that is to say, it is easy to break In other words, if the PE line with 20 kg pulling force is not tied with the front wire and directly connected with the dummy bait, it will lose 70% of the pulling force, that is to say, when it encounters 7 kg pulling force, it may break. In order to make up for this shortage of PE wire, we can tie a section of front wire with GT knot, and connect the dummy bait with front wire, so we can get 100% pull force without worrying about disconnection. Moreover, the pulling force of the front conductor is usually smaller than that of the main line. Once the earth is hung, we can cut the front conductor without losing the main line to reduce the loss.

Introduction to Lure: selection of Lure equipment (Two) 3

I’ve talked about the reasons and reasons in a straightforward way. Then, if you want to throw dry goods directly, try to use thin wire as far as possible, that is to say, the smaller the number is, the finer the wire is, the better the throwing performance is. Generally, if the sub object fish is cocked, the main line of No. 1 PE line is enough, then the front wire should also use the number less than the pull value of No. 1 PE line, I usually use No. 2 or no. 3 carbon wire. You need to see the data of the wire you choose, because the wire tension of different brands is different. Many people have caught more than 3kg of cocks in front of No.3 line of No.

Brand selection is also very important. Generally, a better brand can bring better quality. The quality of the line is very important. Generally speaking, the better the quality of the line, the finer the wire diameter, the better the coating, and the smoother the outgoing line. As the quality decreases, the performance of the line will gradually decrease. Generally, the cheaper the line, the lower the performance of the high-value line compared with the same number. Of course, choose according to your own economic strength. Look at your own economic conditions. In order to be happy during the Luya movement, don’t let this affect your life.

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